Dipl.-Ing. Dr., BSc, BSc
Cloud/DevOps/AI Lead,
Researcher, Entrepreneur
Teaching Activities


184.260VL 4.0Distributed Systems Technologies
184.159VL 2.0Software Architecture
184.167LU 2.0Verteilte Systeme (Distributed Systems Lab)
184.153VU 2.0Distributed Systems Engineering
184.715PR 6.0Projekt aus Software Engineering & Internet Computing
184.230PR 4.0Projektpraktikum (before winter term 2012/13)
184.233PR 4.0Informatikpraktikum 1 (before winter term 2012/13)
184.232PR 4.0Informatikpraktikum 2 (before winter term 2012/13)
184.254PR 4.0Praktikum aus Internet Computing (before winter term 2012/13)
184.242PR 4.0Freifachpraktikum
184.201PR 4.0Seminar mit Bachelorarbeit

If you are interested in doing a "Praktikum" or Master's thesis, do not hesitate to contact me.

Here you can find an overview of the research fields at our group, together with some current thesis topics and general information.

(Co-)Advised Student Projects

Thomas Rausch Predictive Analytics for Continuous Integration Workflows in Software Engineering (working title)Master's Thesis Finished
Oliver Hanappi Testing Idempotence and Convergence of Automatic Configuration ScriptsMaster's Thesis Finished
Michael Osl Cloud Computing Adaptation as a ServiceMaster's Thesis Finished
Richard Leopold PieShare - A distributed file sharing and synchronization serviceBachelor's Thesis Finished
Svetoslav Videnov PieShare - A distributed file sharing and synchronization serviceBachelor's Thesis Finished
Simon Osim "One-Touch" NFC-Initiated File Sharing for AndroidBachelor's Thesis Finished
Dominik Rauch Scalable and Efficient XML DOM Parsing - Midway between SAX and DOMPraktikum Finished
Alexandra Chirita Web-Browser Based Distributed Data ProcessingBachelor's Thesis Finished
Oliver Hanappi Customizable Test Coverage Criteria for Web Service CompositionsBachelor's Thesis Finished
Andrea Floh Dependable Event Processing over High Frequency Data StreamsMaster's Thesis Finished
Michael Strasser A Cloud-Based Simulation Environment for Scalable Event Processing PlatformsMaster's Thesis Finished
Martin Kirchner Executing Ad-Hoc Web Service API Coverage Queries in MongoDB/MapReducePraktikum Finished
Sebastian Burgstaller The Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) PatternBachelor's Thesis Finished
Gilbert Fritz Design and Implementation of a SOA Test Bed for a Mid-Sized CompanyPraktikum Finished
Eduard Szente Efficient Distributed Computation of Web Services API Coverage MetricsMaster's Thesis Finished
Michael Racz Web-Based Inspection and Management of Topologies in a Distributed SystemPraktikumFinished
Michael Vodep System zur Feuerwehr-Einsatzverwaltung (in German)PraktikumFinished
Daniel Domberger Testbed for Web Service Data Aggregation in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) PraktikumFinished
Michael Starzinger Preprocessor for Web Services Data Aggregation Query LanguagePraktikumFinished
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